Best Catered Boxed Lunches

About once or twice a month my company orders boxed lunches for meetings. I really enjoy these as they are professionally catered and we get to put in a custom order beforehand. Recently I have been into trying lots of new and different restaurants around town, reading cookbooks and yes even trying all the different boxed lunches I can. I guess you can say I have grown to be a bit of a foodie lately. Just in the last week I went to a new noodle place downtown, a pizzeria that opened up near me, and a barbecue smokehouse I had never been to but had always heard great things about.

So Many Lunch Choices

delicious box lunch saladBox lunches were no different, even though you might not think there is too much special to try in a lunch that’s in a box, that’s not true at all. The box is just to make the meal convenient to transport and eat out of, what’s inside is gourmet, at least DeFazios box lunches are where we get our catering from. I wanted to try every option on the menu before the end of the year. Trying them all was going to be rather difficult and maybe unrealistic considering there are over thirty different menu options for their boxed lunches alone.

So as it turns out I would have to prioritize my lunch choices and just hope for more meetings. I even suggested a few new meeting topics at work just for the food (don’t tell anyone). With that said; here are the top 3 box lunches ive tried so far, they are the roasted chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese, Greek salad, and the crab cake sandwich. These were so good, its going to be tough not to reorder them. It just goes to show you really can fit gourmet food into a box. This week im planning on trying the corned beef sandwich and can’t wait for a delicious meal.

Tips to Stay Healthy for Women Over 50

Senior ExercisesGetting older comes with a never ending list of challenges, both mental and physical. It is a period of life that sees a changing support system, occasional medical complications, fewer time restraints, and often social isolation. For these reasons and so many more, it is important to be intentional in balancing your life. Here are some great ways to take care of your social and physical well-being.


  • Spend time with another person every day. Being alone is proven to increase depression and irritability. Make plans to get lunch with a friend, join a club, or just get out of the house and make small talk with a waiter or waitress. Human interaction is inherently good for the soul.
  • Keep in touch with friends and family. Technology can be daunting for seniors, but there have been real strives in making computers completely user friendly. It has never been easier to send online mail and even video chat with family members through computer cameras.
  • There are companies that provide non-medical home care services. If you need help with meal preparation, companionship, or transportation, call an organization like Seniors Helping Seniors of Boca Raton.
  • Find a hobby that you can work towards mastering. It is never too late to learn something new. Think of an instrument, language, game, or activity that you have always thought of taking up.
  • One hobby could even be taking control of your physical fitness. The universal prescription for eliminating risk of disease and senior related medical conditions is always a healthy diet and exercise. Great low impact activities include swimming and trail walking.
  • Concentrate on getting enough fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Our bodies were meant to eat like our Paleolithic ancestors. That means we need to eliminate soda, TV dinners, and ice cream and replace them with spinach, apples, and lean white meat.

How We Do It: Installing Your Window Shutters

Windows NashvilleIf you are looking for a traditional and timeless look for your window treatments? Consider adding interior wood shutters to your living room or kitchen windows. Make sure when choosing a window shutter that you always choose pre-finished shutters. Shutters that you need to constantly touch-up and have re-painted can be time-consuming and cost you money year after year. Springfield Glass offers a variety of window shutters to make sure that you get exactly what you want for your house. From California Redwoods to traditional Cypress you can choose the color, style, and functionality that you prefer. Below are the 4 steps that we take to make sure your window shutters are properly installed the first time!

1. Measuring

First we measure your windows to custom fit our wooden shutters. We take special note of any preferences such as opening mechanisms. Also, if you have a window recess we make sure there is enough room for your new shutters without blocking the light from entering your home by measuring length, width, and height.

2. Mounting the Hinges

After you’ve chosen what style of shutters you want and we’ve measure you space, we then mount the window framing. Most shutters are built from a two, three, or four-sided frame that attach around the window recess. You can choose whether you want your shutter to fold accordion style or that are hinged and open straight out.

3. Build and Install the Frame

We then have a standard or build a custom window frame spending on your particular Nashville window. We strive to make our shutters take up as little space as possible both when they are open and when they are closed. Then we construct the frame according to the window recess and mount it. Using a level, we then check for accuracy and screw the window frame into place at the top, bottom, and center.

4. Hang Shutter and Add Trim

Finally, we position the wooden shutters and align the sections with the hinges. We insert pins into the hinges to hold the shutters in place. For the final touches we install molding over the frame and cover with fasteners and paint the areas to match the wall. All that is left is for you to enjoy your beautiful new windows and shutters.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Certifications

Have you ever wondered what kind of standards your carpet cleaning company is held up to? Well I’ve done some research to help solve the mystery for you. Did you know that there is a carpet cleaning certifications provided through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration? We all know it is important to vacuum our carpets for our overall health and cleanliness. But it is also recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned by the experts at least once or twice annually. When choosing the right carpet cleaning company it is best to know what standards you should hold your technician to.

Carpet Cleaning Northern VA

Carpet cleaning technicians should always be trained and educated on the proper carpet cleaning techniques. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration certification is the industry leader for acceptable floor maintenance practices. And no, I’m not making this up. This is a real non-profit organization that is there to ensure that your carpet cleaning technicians is up to date on the best technologies and techniques for professional carpet cleaning and care.

Home flooring says a lot about a homeowner and your floors are an investment in the overall equity of your home. Make sure when you choose a carpet cleaning company that you make the right choice. If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaning company in Arlington VA or the surrounding Northern VA area choose Absolute Carpet Care. Absolute Carpet Care uses equipment endorsed by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration so you know that their professional carpet cleaning technicians hold themselves to the highest possible standards. They can handle any carpet cleaning disaster not matter how severe. Trust your home flooring to the Northern Virginia experts in carpet care, Absolute Carpet Care.

Buying New Appliances

Is it the Right Choice?

Have you been thinking about buying new appliance lately because one or more of your current machines has been acting up lately. While new appliances might be appealing to the eye and on the surface might seem like the most efficient option for you, there is another way to have appliances that wont let you down when you need them the most. I’m talking about Mr. Appliance, and their reliable repair and part replacement service. You can find their website here and read about all the different makes and models they service.

If you home appliances are not working properly, its might be due to a simple part that can cost much less than a complete replacement. Even if you do decide to have them replaced its still worth the time and effort to have an appliance repairman come fix it because there is a market for used appliances. This way you can put the money towards your new ones since the used retailers often won’t take in merchandise unless its in working condition.

kitchen appliancesIf you are on the fence, then the decision whether you should replace an appliance vs buy new may be a difficult one that only you can make. Even when you do decide to go with the replacement route, it’s important to make the choice knowing all of your options. While a new appliance may look pretty, just make sure it is really something you want to spend your money on before you make the purchase.

The Best Electrical Service Experience

Finding the best electrician for your home improvement projects can be a bothersome task. You want an electrical company that is professional and also provides the services that you need to be conducted on your home. Not only do you want them to deliver on those aspects but you also want them to be on time for appointments and even charge you a very fair price. In my experience with electricians I have found that Mr. Electric’s service professionals are able to deliver on all of the aspects I have mentioned and create a quality for me and my family. Mr. Electric of Montgomery County serves Bethesda with professionalism and electrical expertise better than any other competitors in Maryland. The following information will explain why I have decided that Mr. Electric is the best electrical company.

Customer Service

When dealing with standard service companies you always feel rushed through the inquiry process and generally have to wait for a week until someone can actually help you with your issue. When I called upon Mr. Electric they were very helpful in answer my questions about the installation process of under cabinet lighting for my kitchen. They walked me through the process and immediately scheduled an appointment with an electrician for the following day. When the technician arrived at my home he was very professional and polite towards me. He even put little foot covers on his feet to prevent damage to my flooring which was a little interesting in my opinion.

Electrical Expertise

My technician was very prompt in providing me a firm quote upfront about the installation of my lighting and provided me the chance for input about the way I wanted it set up. He also offered advice about installing the lights so that I would receive greater value. He was able to complete the project in a little over an hour and made sure that there was no mess left behind for me to clean up. The lights performed perfectly and I haven’t had any issues with it since installation. I am very happy with the service, price, and professionalism I received from Mr. Electric of Montgomery County and would suggest to my readers that if you ever have an electrical home improvement to locate a Mr. Electric in your area.

Drain Cleaning Factors – Get Unclogged

Clogged drains can be as simple as a small hair ball that’s preventing your faucet from draining as fast as you’d like, or they can be a really serious problem. What’s worse is that there’s almost no way to tell how far down the pipe a blockage really is. What It costs you for Carmel plumbing repair is dependent on a few factors.


Some clogs aren’t that serious and can be taken care of with a drain cleaning solution that you buy from the grocery store. Others may require a snake to pressure wash the blockage away from the inside. Ask your plumbing company if they charge by the job or by the hour.

Number of blockages

It is possible that there are multiple choke points in your pipe. It might also be the case that the clog is actually in the main line. Symptoms of a multiple drain clog include water pooling on the bathroom floor when doing laundry.


In addition to debris getting in the way of water flow, sometimes pipes corrode and become less efficient over time. Corroded pipes are also more likely to catch and hold onto solids instead of letting them pass through the system. This can be the cause of expensive repairs as the pipes may need to be replaced instead of just being snaked to unclog the drain.

It can be good for the average homeowner to try to understand what is happening beneath the surface before calling, but at the end of the day, you are likely going to need help from a professional plumber. Call a company that comes well recommended and let them diagnose the problem and present the best course of action to you.

Protect Your Home With Vinyl Siding

If you want a new look for your house, go with vinyl siding in Richmond VA. It’s relatively inexpensive, comes in just about any color and it can look great for many years. It’s time to refresh your home’s look with new siding.

Vinyl siding is great for protecting your home against inclement weather. The material is made to withstand the strongest winds and is impact-resistant. Richmond is bound to get many more super storms in the coming years and they are all going to be equally brutal. Your house needs to be able to stand up to the elements and not get blown to pieces. Go to this website to see the company I chose for the siding on my home.

Your home will be warmer with vinyl siding. If you’re looking for a great insulator that will help you save money on your heating bill, vinyl siding is right for you. Your current siding could be losing heat in large amounts. Great siding will help you stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Your house will hold more constant temperatures, putting less stress on your heater and air conditioner.

our new sidindWith vinyl siding, you’ll never have to paint or stain your house again. You can get siding in any color you want and it will look good for many years to come. Have you spent hours in the hot sun painting your house? Has your paint job started to peel after just one year? You’ll never have to deal with paint again when you get vinyl siding.

Your dream home is just one step away. Vinyl siding can give you everything you want and not break your budget. Winters are going to be cold and summers are going to be hot. Don’t delay and get new siding today. You’ll fall in love with your house all over again and your guests will be thoroughly impressed.

Best Plumbing Service

When making a list of top plumbing companies I would put Mr. Rooter at the number one position. I have had many plumbing issues in my home and used many different plumbing companies. None of these companies top the professionalism and quality plumbing work like Mr. Rooter. I would advise anyone in need of a plumber around California simply search “plumbers Lancaster“ to find Mr. Rooter of Antelope Valley. I want to review why other plumbing companies don’t stack up to a Mr. Rooter.



With the past plumbing services I have received the number one issue I found was a lack of professionalism. Every time that I schedule an appointment with a plumber they never show up on time and don’t inform me that they are running late. I can understand that plumbers are on a very tight schedule and even the slightest event can set them behind. My issue is that they don’t inform me that they are running late or even apologize for their tardiness. The plumber from Mr. Rooter was actually early and he called ahead to make sure it was ok for him to come a bit early.

Not only do other plumbing companies show up late but they are never respectful of my home. They are always tracking mud through my home and leaving tire marks in my driveway. Mr. Rooter actually brings their own welcome mat to wipe their feet on. On top of that they put plastic foot coverings on their feet to prevent any damage their shoes may leave behind in my home. They also park their van on the street rather than in my driveway.

Knowledge and Expertise

The other companies that I have used had to come back multiple times because they never fixed the problem and then charged me for more repair time! When the plumbing expert from Mr. Rooter came to my home they fixed the problem the first time and I have never experienced an issue with that device again. The plumbers at Mr. Rooter are above all the rest when it comes to professionalism, knowledge, and expertise.

Hire The Best In Appliance Repairs In Boise

We’ve come to rely on appliances a lot. Microwaves, coffee makers, refrigerators and dishwashers are just a few of the appliances that you probably used today. You may have even used them several times today. That’s why it always seems like the end of the world when one of your favorite appliances breaks. When it does, you need to find the best person for appliance repairs in Boise.

Winters are cold in Idaho. The first thing you reach for is a warm drink. Whether it’s coffee or tea, you use an appliance to get that hot cup of happiness. You can’t stand to go days without your teakettle or coffee maker. An expert in like Mr. Appliance Boise can fix your appliance and have it running in no time. That’s worth more than anything in the cold months! Or how about the summertime? Don’t you rely on your freezer and refrigerator to give you relief? Who are you going to call when those appliances break? The best repairman in town!

Your favorite repairman is a member of the community. They love helping other people and they make their living doing it. When your customers are also your neighbors, you owe them the best quality of service because you see them almost every day. You wouldn’t shortchange your friends! That’s why you’ll get a trusted repairman every time, because they care about their community and the people in it.

Imagine summertime without ice-cold water or wintertime without your morning cup of tea. It just wouldn’t seem right in this day and age now would it? Don’t settle for broken appliances. Get them fixed fast with your local appliance repair expert. Your comfort depends on your household appliances and there is no time of year when you don’t need your appliances. Avoid disaster and have your appliances fixed today.